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Our strategy is to keep teams in place and provide them the coaching and resources they require for exponential growth.

Cultivate Great Companies 

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Chester Creek Capital is a coming together of three entrepreneurs with a shared passion for growing companies.  With a combined 70 years of experience in the lower middle market space, we have helped dozens of companies and their teams realize their potential.  Our strategy is to keep teams in place and give them the coaching and resources they require for exponential growth.

CEO story + vision

After a 30-year career of buying and growing businesses in Minnesota, my wife and I have relocated to South Florida. We are interested in finding a new business to purchase in this area.

Our investment criteria are as follows:


Preference is to invest in technology, service or light manufacturing industries.


Ownership interest is for majority control


Investment horizon is for 10+ years


Ideal candidates will have $5 million in revenue and $1 million dollars in EBITDA

We focus on keeping organizations intact and building upon the legacy of the founders. This is a very unique approach to corporate acquisitions that we find business owners value greatly.

It would be my pleasure to speak with you about your business.


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If you have been thinking about selling your business, or if this is the first time that you might have ever considered the idea, reach out to us.  We may be a match and you can be on your way to a more profitable future.  


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